February 26, 2014

Yesterday was a particularly productive day.  I got up early, spoke to a Victimology class, got my hair done, and did some grocery shopping.  Speaking of shopping, my local Walmart seems to be stocking a bit better than they did before the negative news item about them.  I was finally able to get some wax paper.  yay!  Other shelves seemed to be stocked just a bit better too. Let’s hope they keep it up.
Today I have to go to my periodontist.  While the visits aren’t too bad (thank you nitrous oxide), it’s in a different city and sometimes it’s just tedious.  But, then again, since it’s in a different city there are some cool stores we get to shop at.  It all balances out.
The rest of the week is pretty open.  I’m remaining optimistic in regards to the job interview I had, and hearing from them.  If not, I got a tip from an old professor about a possible job.  Hopefully one of them pans out.
Here’s to hoping everyone’s week is going well and to a relaxing weekend. – Dragon out


Last Night’s Walking Dead

February 24, 2014

Okay, technically this is about the last two episodes, since I didn’t do one for last week’s episode.  So here goes…
What the hell happened?  The mid season opener was awesome and then it was followed by two of the most boring and irritating episodes ever.  Last week they opened with Daryl and Beth.  Normally any scene with Daryl in it is an instant hit, but not even Daryl could save those parts of the episode.  I’m sorry, she may be sweet and all that.  But Beth is the most boring, and irritating character I’ve seen in a long time.  If this were the Brady Bunch, she wouldn’t be Marcia Brady, but that one annoying sister that was so bad I can’t remember her name.  YEAH…that one.  And I can’t stand it.  If they don’t find the others pretty soon I’m going to have to swear off Daryl parts too until they do.  And don’t even get me started on Tyrese and the psycho child.  They need to make a fast exit from this series.  Tyrese because he’s a liability and a dumbass, and Lizzie because, well look what she did to the bunnies for God’s sake, not to mention what she tried to do to Judith.  Then there’s Glenn.  For about a minute I thought he was going back to the old Glenn.  Strong, man-like, decisive. But then he saved Tara and took her with him and that all went downhill.  THEN there’s the asshats they just met (Abraham and gang).  I swear, I’m sick of villains, sick I tell you!  Can’t they just fight freakin’ zombies and survive for a while??  The only parts I’ve enjoyed watching were between Rick, Carl, Michonne and Maggie.  That’s it.  PLEASE writers, can we just stabilize for a little bit before spinning off into something else?


Cold…Round 2

February 23, 2014

My cold, which I thought was making an exit, staged a brutal comeback last night.  This is not a good week for me to be sick.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to get my hair cut, Tuesday I’m speaking to a Victimology class at the local university, and Wednesday I have a Periodontal appointment.  I guess that today I’ll have to scarf up many cold concoctions and try to sweat it out tonight.  Ughh


Some People Just NEED their Candy Fix

February 23, 2014

THIS reminds me of the quote: Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.  At least he’s not like some of the idiots you hear about that rock the machine on top of themselves.


Breaking News

February 21, 2014

The night before last we were watching a news channel out of Montgomery when to our total amazement a story about our local Walmart came on.  I knew things were getting kind of sketchy there but I didn’t expect some kind of Mission Impossible, covert operation news item.  Oddly enough, I went there the day after the story and there were all types of employees around and food was flying onto the shelves.


A New Member To The Dragon Family

February 20, 2014

misha closeup 2A New Member To The Dragon Family

The Joys of Pet Ownership
We recently added another four legged family member. At first we were a little apprehensive about how our dog Rusty would take to the little one. We need not have worried. Not only is he cordial to her, but he lets her walk all over him-literally, nibble on his face and legs and tail, and he also lets her drink and eat from his bowls. Something I never thought I would ever see with him. Ever. Her name is Misha and although she looks like a Malinois, she’s actually a mixture of Pit/Blue Heeler on her Dad’s side and Irish Wolfhound/Chow on her Mother’s side. She’s fairly good sized for her age, so much so that our vet thought she was part Great Dane. She obviously gets this from her mother. She’s adorable. And it’s a good thing she’s adorable because nothing in the house or yard is safe from her baby teeth. Blankets, pet beds, attempts at furniture and outside its garden hoses, planters, Halloween props from the shed and landscaping. She’s like a buzz saw with four legs. But she’s our buzz saw and we love her. Besides, we’ve gotten her some chews and that seems to be easing her teething pretty good. Aside from the chewing there is the occasional accident on the floor, but lately she seems to be getting better at going outside. All in all I’d say she’s a keeper. I think Rusty would agree.


February 19, 2014

Last night I was slammed by the sore throat from hell.  It was some ordinary irritating scratchiness and then all of a sudden my throat decided to swell, then the pain came. I chewed on a Chloraseptic but that didn’t even touch it, it just took the edge off. It hurt so bad I had to double up on aleve just to get it to go away.  Ahhh…then relief. It felt so good to be pain free I slept until almost noon.  And now here I am. ugh


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