I’m a happily married, mother of two daughters, grandmother, author, (former) metal singer, and have a degree in Criminal Justice. How’s that for multi-tasking?


  1. I have to tell you that my oldest (15) has an intense fear of zombies and has created a plan of action in case there is ever a hostile takeover. I absolutely love your writing and he and I got to talking about you as I made out our Christmas cards. I am printing out your 5 scenarios for him to read.

  2. Well thank you, it’s always nice to hear positive feedback. My zombie book (hopefully) should be in print by the new year, if not, it will be shortly after that. Not that I have a big contract deal, I’m self publishing, but hey, at least it will be available. lol Anyway, the zombie scenarios help with my withdrawal since finishing the book. You guys should participate, it’s always fun to hear what people would do. My own kids have been eagerly awaiting the zombie apocalypse since Dawn of the Dead came out. One of these days I’m going to have to write a piece that addresses why people are attracted to the whole zombie survival scenario.

  3. (15) says that his fear is based on the reality of the subject. He finds it completely realistic that some biological government agent or virus could cause a cannibalistic type reaction with decreased brain function. This would be a brain function similar to sleepwalking where you are able to do normal routine things but lack the ability to process more complex thoughts. He has good arguments, but even his girlfriend laughs at the fact that he is too scared to watch Quarantine! I will get his answers for you and post them as soon as I get them. I would love to get a copy of your book when it makes print. Keep me posted!

  4. I watched a microbiologist talk about the possibility of a zombie virus and she said that she thought if one were to be made, it would be a result of someone splicing the flu virus with rabies. I also think that cloning could play a part in this. What happens when you take a killing eating machine like a shark and mix it’s DNA with humans? Regardless of what would cause it, I definitely think that there’s a fine line between genius and madness and there’s probably some nutjob scientist out there that would try to make it just for the sake of seeing if it could be done. Scary thought. In my book, although we’re not sure what causes it, there’s a hint at the beginning that an anthropologist, while working on a dig in a rain forest reactivates a long dead virus. There’s also a hint, later on, of a government cover up. But I left them at just hints because I think a lot of theories and lack of knowledge in certain areas can kill a story. And I will certainly keep you updated on the status of the book.

  5. All that said, what really differentiates the infected from the living in an infected mind? What reason is there that the zombies would have to kill only the living, or uninfected? I think that If it were to happen, the danger would really only be in containing the virus. After that it would only be a matter of seperating the infected from uninfected so that the infection can run its course and die out. Like a much more aggressive bubonic plague.

  6. The only thing I can think of is that they would be able to tell the difference between fresh/dead meat, and they would only go after meat that was alive. OR maybe they have an instinctual drive to consume humans because they crave what they once were? I don’t know. Of course in a real life scenario, they’d probably eat anything that got in their way if only the brain core survived and they were simply eating for survival.

    • Truth. I thought about it recently as a friend and I have been going through left for dead and I have plenty of things in mind that wouldn’t allow for zombies as we know them. But what’s the fun in that? 😀

      Is your book out yet?

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