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Back to the Basics

May 25, 2017

This is an excellent article written by someone fed up with big church productions and rock bands. I happen to agree with a lot of what he says. Although not a deal breaker, I can only handle it in small doses. But having said that, attending one that has a band, but teaches the Bible, is preferable to one that doesn’t and tries to rewrite it. My preference for music does not dictate my church, God does. I just do it in smaller doses, like I said.
Outside of church, it’s rock and roll all of the way.


My Writing Gig

May 10, 2017

Calling all Headbangers! I need your opinions on these five things, for a writing gig. This pertains to heavy metal only.

1. What first attracts you to a metal band?
2. What do you consider the central theme surrounding heavy metal?
3. What musical genres do you feel compliment heavy metal?
4. Musically speaking, what makes a good metal song?
5. What visual imagery do you associate with heavy metal? Does artwork, image influence you? Does it affect your listening habits, or musical purchases (t-shirts, posters, tickets, cds)?
My comment are moderated, so I have to approve them first.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your answers right away.


Shane’s Play

May 4, 2017

Our grandson Shane’s 1st grade play was tonight, and it was awesome! He executed his lines perfectly, and looked great while doing it. He was a kingsman working for the Dumpty dude. After the play we all went to a local restaurant to eat, and as luck would have it, most of his classmates were there too. We discovered that Shane is not only a social butterfly, but a Casanova as well.

Shane in costume 1Shane in costume 3.JPG



April 21, 2017

Exciting news in the music world- Styx are releasing their first studio album in 14 years!  For those who are fans, this is the video of the track called “Gone, Gone, Gone”. If you’re not a fan, listen anyway, you just might like it.


My Old Band…

April 17, 2017

Someone on FB requested that I play a song from my old band, so I thought I would here too. The song is a cover of Fastway’s, Say What You Will.

Rebburmoor 85Enjoy!


Heavy Metal

April 13, 2017

One of the interesting things about my marriage is that while I used to sing for a metal band, my husband is a pianist, and teaches music at our local university. Not only does it make for an interesting CD collection, but some great conversations-usually. Among the conventional classes that he teaches, he teaches a class on Rock and Roll. Conversations between us on the subject have been, I think, a learning experience on both sides, UNTIL heavy metal came up. Tonight he was reading an article he used for his class, where they stated that heavy metal represented hopelessness. Wait…what?? Heavy metal is not about hopelessness. Are there SONGS that represent that? Sure. Just like in any genre of music. To me, metal (as a genre) has always represented the struggle between good and evil. But having said that, just like any genre, there are songs about love, HOPE, wars, and just about any topic under the sun. I think the reason I was so offended was because music (including a large dose of metal) was one of the things that kept me going when I was undergoing cancer treatments. You can’t even imagine how much it helped me. And I can tell you that hopelessness was the last thing on my mind when I braved a trip to Atlanta, with no immune system, to be among 14,000 plus people to see my favorite band, Iron Maiden. That trip was all about hope, life, and being alive. And THAT is what ALL music is about.
Dragon -out
*I have been cancer free for about five years now*



The Starting of a Good Blues Song…

November 21, 2016

Today I woke up, after falling asleep on the couch, only to discover that it was FREEZING.  I checked the gas fireplace, and stove, then realized we were out of gas. To make matters worse, our mini split system decided to screw up at the same time. We called the gas company and just to come out (Sunday) it was 175 dollars, not counting gas for the tank. Poptarts for breakfast, anyone?? Then, to make up for the mini splits not working correctly, John had to go and get heaters for the bedrooms and the den.  THANK GOD, we at least have a regular furnace for the upstairs. Now I have a sore throat, stuffy nose and feel feverish. If I had the strength to play the guitar, I could write one hell of a blues song.