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Our Crazy Goats

May 26, 2017

We were watching funny goat videos on Youtube, and decided that since our goats make funny noises, we should put one up too. Our goats had a different idea.


Scourge of the Lawn Mowers Revisited

May 22, 2017

I mowed the back and one side of the yard today, and for once it was a semi-pleasant experience. Due to the ridiculously unreliable nature of our other lawn equipment, we purchased an electric mower (battery operated). It was great, and will be even better when we get a second battery, so that while one is charging, we can mow. I only had to pull out the gas push mower at the very end. No stalling, no fumes, no pulling until my shoulder was shot, no spark plugs popping off and I get to keep my first born.
SO, if you’re like us, and you can’t get the lawn mowed without rubbing a few bones together and slapping someone with a dead chicken, do yourself a favor and buy an electric mower.



May 21, 2017

Me (to my youngest, Tessa): You want to watch a movie?

Tessa: No, I don’t want to watch a movie.

Me: Why not? We could find a movie to relax, kick back and fall asleep to.

Tessa: No, if I’m going to watch a movie, I want to watch a movie, not fall asleep to it.

Me: You know nothing about relaxing.


Good Morning

April 21, 2017

Good Morning everyone!
It’s a great morning on the farm.  The sun is shining, the roosters are crowing, and I have a cup of piping hot, black coffee in my hand. Today’s schedule is up in the air.  I NEED to mow in front of the house, I NEED to plant my eucalyptus trees, I NEED to work on, what will be, my workshop. What I’ve actually accomplished is making coffee, watering my porch plants and doing my Swedish Chef impression for the roosters, which for some reason, makes them start crowing. Wait until they see my Popeye impression.


Our Crazy Dog

April 19, 2017

Winters is being particularly goofy today.  Whether playing with his pig ear or being fascinated by squeak toy sounds on youtube.
winters listening

I wonder, do they make straight jackets with four openings?  LOL



Dragon Humor…

April 13, 2017

What can I say?  Sometimes a dragon has to do, what a dragon has to do.
With permission from Slack Wyrm by Joshua Wright



April 13, 2017

Sometimes you just want to hit the ol’ reset button on a day.  Yesterday was such a day. Nothing went right.  I got up early and tried to start up the mower.  It wouldn’t start. I got irritated and kept trying, and only succeeded in flooding it.  I decided to wait a couple of hours.  The only thing that happened was me getting a sore shoulder.  In the meantime, the dog decided to be a pain in the ass.  Nothing huge, but a lot of little incidents that drove me up the wall. Add to this, dropping things, spilling things and a slower than dial up internet connection, and it made for a very frustrating day. I couldn’t tell whether I wanted to curl up in the fetal position, or run outside screaming obscenities.
Thankfully today has gone much better. And no, I haven’t tried the mower.