April 13, 2017

Sometimes you just want to hit the ol’ reset button on a day.  Yesterday was such a day. Nothing went right.  I got up early and tried to start up the mower.  It wouldn’t start. I got irritated and kept trying, and only succeeded in flooding it.  I decided to wait a couple of hours.  The only thing that happened was me getting a sore shoulder.  In the meantime, the dog decided to be a pain in the ass.  Nothing huge, but a lot of little incidents that drove me up the wall. Add to this, dropping things, spilling things and a slower than dial up internet connection, and it made for a very frustrating day. I couldn’t tell whether I wanted to curl up in the fetal position, or run outside screaming obscenities.
Thankfully today has gone much better. And no, I haven’t tried the mower.


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