Heavy Metal

April 13, 2017

One of the interesting things about my marriage is that while I used to sing for a metal band, my husband is a pianist, and teaches music at our local university. Not only does it make for an interesting CD collection, but some great conversations-usually. Among the conventional classes that he teaches, he teaches a class on Rock and Roll. Conversations between us on the subject have been, I think, a learning experience on both sides, UNTIL heavy metal came up. Tonight he was reading an article he used for his class, where they stated that heavy metal represented hopelessness. Wait…what?? Heavy metal is not about hopelessness. Are there SONGS that represent that? Sure. Just like in any genre of music. To me, metal (as a genre) has always represented the struggle between good and evil. But having said that, just like any genre, there are songs about love, HOPE, wars, and just about any topic under the sun. I think the reason I was so offended was because music (including a large dose of metal) was one of the things that kept me going when I was undergoing cancer treatments. You can’t even imagine how much it helped me. And I can tell you that hopelessness was the last thing on my mind when I braved a trip to Atlanta, with no immune system, to be among 14,000 plus people to see my favorite band, Iron Maiden. That trip was all about hope, life, and being alive. And THAT is what ALL music is about.
Dragon -out
*I have been cancer free for about five years now*



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