Farm News

March 26, 2017

Things have been kind of slow around here, which means there isn’t much to write about, but here goes…
*The sale didn’t go that great.  I made enough to have lunch and maybe get a dinner.  I also got very congested from inhaling a bunch of dust, whipped up by the wind.
*The pup keeps getting bigger.
*The turkeys decided to join us for our walk today.  They just started following us down the path. Usually it’s a run, but since being congested I’ve toned it down.
*Our hen, Harlequin, got attacked by a hawk.  He didn’t get to finish the job, because Mr. Crow kicked his ass.  I really love that rooster. I should mention that Harlequin is Mr. Crow’s daughter. We put medicine on her wounds, loved her up a bit and put her in a covered pen, with a coop, to recover. When she got settled in, Mr. Crow came to check on her. Again, I love that rooster!  He’s such a badass!crow legs

*Ethel (turkey) still hasn’t shown up with her new babies.  I heard coyotes the other night, and said a quick prayer for their safety.
*We have a new heron that has taken up temporary residence on our pond.  If I can snap a picture of him, I’ll post it.


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