And Oldie Repost…

March 24, 2017

Remember the good ol’ days, when we could all rally around and get pissed off about normal, everyday things??  This is just such a post I wrote in 2010.  Enjoy…

Things That Piss Me Off

September 30, 2010

I haven’t done a good rant in a while, and after reading a good rant about McDonalds on STFU already it put me in the mood to write one. SO here goes…things that piss me off.

LOUD car stereos. I can’t tell you how much I freakin’ hate loud car stereos. And it’s always the real shit cars that have loose parts that rattle when the bass plays. And of course, since most of it’s rap music that gets blared, the bass is constant. Dumbasses. I don’t even want to hear rap when it’s NOT distorted, let alone when it’s being accompanied by rattling car parts I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating. It’s my sincerest wish that the next time I’m sitting at a red light with one of these bastards in front of me, their freakin’ car vibrates apart. And I’ll be the crazy bitch in the car behind you, laughing my ass off.

People with no sense of humor piss me off. You know the type. People who’s face would actually crack and look like a road map if they even hinted at a smile. Worse yet, they expect you to not smile, laugh, giggle and don’t even try to be sarcastic. They’re just so sober and superior. They’ve evolved into a non-laughing Stepford type person. And any attempt by you to be funny will be met with an ice cold stare that would freeze the ass off of the abominable snowman. SO smug, SO superior. They wouldn’t even see the humor in that last sentence. hmph…They can bite me.

Perverts REALLY piss me off. I’m sure you know this type too. They turn everything you say into something sexual. In actuality, the only time these types ever get laid is if they have a hen sitting on top of them. You know, the last time they were in a woman was when they visited the Statue of Liberty. I HATE these people. I’d tell them to go get screwed but the mere mention of a physical act from a female that’s not inflatable would probably have them running for the kleenex box and the baby oil.


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