A Chef Is Born

March 12, 2017

Tonight I decided to let Shane help me with dinner.  He helped with every aspect of it. From helping peel and cut potatoes, making the green bean casserole, to even helping cook the meat.  And although watching an 8 year old do a good job of knocking out a meal, what was really fascinating was hearing his credentials in the cooking realm go from novice to chef in the span of one evening. It got even better at the dinner table. I had let him add his own touch to the green bean casserole.  Who knew it would be the equivalent of the Colonel’s secret recipe.
Shane:  No one is to know my secret ingredient for the green beans.

His Mother: You already told us.

Me:  And your grandpa too.

Shane: Nobody besides this family can know my secret ingredient.

Us:  *giggles*

After telling him how well his cooking turned out, he insisted that we all thank him AT THE SAME TIME.  We had to count it down to get it right.
It was at this time that he graciously reminded everyone that I had helped him cook dinner, and they should thank me too.  This was followed by multiple Chef Shane high fives and fist bumps, to which he shouted “teamwork”.  I can’t wait to see what he whips up tomorrow.


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