Well, I can’t sleep…

March 8, 2017

I can’t sleep. I’ve tried switching out my pillows, thinking about nothing, and counting sheep.  It just left me with a sore neck, thinking about counting, and the freakin’ sheep took off for softer pastures.

I hear the roosters crowing outside.  They started about 3am, and it’s currently after 5am and they’re still going. Any moment now I’m waiting for a muffled strangling sound, of Winston getting revenge. For those of you who don’t know, Winston is our pain in the butt, psychotic, killer pygmy goat. Oh, and recent new father.

In other farm news…Mr. Dragon and I are building a workshop. The structure and roof are up, the rest of it will be interesting because we’re using plastic bottles and concrete to make the walls…or at least some of them. If it turns out good I’ll post some pictures.  If it doesn’t, it never happened. Although it’s been hard on us, the turkeys are at least getting having fun with it.  Throughout the building of it, they keep coming up and checking it out.  They’ve gobbled their approval several times.  They’re so nosy! They also come check it out when I’m doing laundry in the laundry room.  I’ll be in there folding laundry, and get the distinct feeling of being watched. And there they are, staring in at me. Sometimes they startle me, and I swear.  They gobble back.

And with that I’m off to see if I can get back to sleep.  Have a good one!

UPDATE:  It’s now 5:30am, and the turkeys are gobbling at the train. Who needs sleep?




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