RIP Guineas

March 6, 2017

Yesterday the hawk finished what he had started with Dapple the guinea.  I filmed them that morning and took some stills (post below), a few hours later and he was dead.  I buried him by our house.  The hawk wasn’t pleased, but he doesn’t get to eat my pets. Today he killed one of the white females. We’re down to five guineas now.  The turkeys are too big and mean for them to take on.  I was out there today trying to get the guineas to stay right with the turkeys and not be stragglers. KIller, our only dark male left, has a habit of doing this. We were also concerned for the baby goats.  They are mini/dwarf mixes.  But, the mom keeps them hidden most of the time, or is right with them.  Not to mention, they’d have to deal with Winston.
One humorous side note. While I was out strolling with the pack, I discovered that the turkeys gobble at semi trucks driving by.  Every single time.
In happier times, the guineas and turkeys give me an early morning greeting.


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