Squeak, I Tell you!

February 27, 2017

My husband bought Winters a new toy.  NO, let me correct that, a new SQUEAK toy.  Apparently he loves it, because unless he’s sleeping, he has not stopped squeaking the damn thing for more than ten minutes at a time. This is especially tragic, since his favorite place to lay is under my feet. I think the next trick I’m teaching Winters will be “Get Daddy”.  heh  Someone please pass me the pain relievers and some ear plugs.

In more serious news, Hoosier Boy was absolutely right about what’s been taking out our poultry.  Yesterday we were out in the yard, and suddenly a bush started shaking violently,, with a bunch of racket.  My husband ran over there, and a hawk had pinned a guinea fowl to the ground.  The hawk flew off before he could do any serious damage to the guinea.  We are now thinking about netting the entire enclosure (in phases).

And now for some barnyard gossip. The roosters pressed their luck once too often, and attacked Kayle so badly, that she remained hidden for most of the time.  This resulted in a rooster roundup. They now are in rooster jail (fenced and netted coop), until we get them traded off for some hens.  Mr. Crow was the only admirable rooster among the bunch.  He attempted to protect Kayle, Prissy, and his daughter Harlequin.  So it looks like Mr. Crow will be our only rooster in the roost. And that’s why I’m giving him our Barnyard Hero Award!!  Way to go Mr. Crow!
Mr. Crow… Those legs were made for kicking your ass into the next county.
Yes, that is Prissy’s head, seemingly sticking out of his ass.  How do you think he protected them? Kayle wouldn’t fit.



  1. HB was right — the sweetest phrase in the world.

    As for the extra roosters, a big pot of cow au vin might do the trick. The original recipe was for tough old roosters

  2. Okay, so you were right this time. 🙂
    We’re trading the roosters for hens. A friend of a friend has a surplus of hens that he needs to unload.

  3. Coq au vin. Stupid autocorrect

    • Oh come on, don’t make me look stuff up! lol

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