Dysfunctional Diary

February 15, 2017

Dear Dysfunctional Diary,
this week I learned about gravity, expanded my vocabulary and took up creative dancing, and all in one event. Translation – I fell down the hill by the pond.
Let me explain.
I decided to start taking the puppy for a short run in the mornings. Nothing fanatical. Just a quick run to the pond, and back. Half way up the side path, and back. It was SUPPOSED to be healthy for us both. I guess not. maybe I should have taken up skydiving.
The last time I fell, some may recall, was when I twisted my ankle and fell out of my clogs and down our driveway (at our old house). So why is it I can’t just fall down like a normal person? You know, trip, fall, and then get back up. It should take all of ten seconds. But NO, I have to make a spectacle of it, like I was the Six Million Dollar Man. Like flying in reverse. *sigh*


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