Guinea Fowl

February 11, 2017

Our little guinea population has started to dwindle.  Mr. Dragon thinks that maybe a fox or something has gotten to a few.  We don’t know, since no carcasses or signs of them have been found.  Unfortunately, one of the guineas missing is Nevin.  This breaks my heart. He was our oldest guinea and was such a ham. But, he’s disappeared once before and came back.  Hopefully he’ll come back this time.  Another guinea, Pearl, became ill with a cold of some sort.  We took her to the vet, but she was a long time trying to recover.  We kept her in a cage on our back porch, where we could give her medicine and keep an eye on her. When she finally looked mostly healed up, we put her with the rest of the flock, only to get attacked by them (almost pecking her eye out). She didn’t survive.
As for predators- I heard the roosters start crowing about 3am the other night.  I shined a flashlight out there and saw some glowing eyes.  SO I armed myself with a paint roller and flashlight, and went out to do battle. The goats were whimpering a bit, and the rooster just kept crowing, but whatever had the glowing eyes was gone.  It was foggy, it was creepy, so I got the hell out of there, once I knew the animals were safe. There is the possibility I might have seen the goats eyes.  I don’t know??  I suppose it could have been a fox.  But they usually have a very distinctive sound. Again??


This is Nevin in his favorite spot, near the watering hole (where the ladies would hang out).

Pearl sleeping on our grandson’s lap




  1. Could be a hawk or owl is getting your birds

    • Most likely, but our game camera also picked up some coyotes right by where the animals are (video on the post above). I really hope Nevin didn’t meet his end by predator. It breaks my heart.

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