February 8, 2017

We seem to have a problem with roosters, as in TOO MANY. Every time we buy “hens” they end up being “not hens”. For example, earlier today I saw one of our gray hens crowing. Damnit!  That still leaves Prissy, Kayle and the one gray hen as the hardest working poultry out there. Then we have Harley, who is too young to call. Ten bucks says it’s not a hen. The roosters now outnumber the hens again. I used to think the hawks were getting to them. As it turns out, they’re probably committing suicide.



  1. When we first got chicks, we let my son pick them out of the tub at Tractor Supply. He picked 20… and 17 were little and yellow… 3 with brown. It turns out, the yellow ones, the ones my son said were ‘so cute’ were ALL roosters. Every single one. The 3 with the brown were the only hens.

    • Oh NO! LOL Now I feel bad for griping about 5. What did you do with all of them?

  2. We kept them around until a couple started getting mean and then we butchered them. We’re still eating them, two years later!

    All but the nicest, most well behaved one who let my son pick him up and carry him around. We kept him to look after the girls. He still lets us carry him around, too!

    • So far we’re keeping them as pets (and for eggs), but I’ve threatened to fry a few up when they get rowdy with each other. We had a couple of roosters, Scarlet and Bojangles, who were absolutely stunning, but mean as hell. We had to get rid of them. The rest of them have sorted it out-so far. Right now my all-time favorite birds are the turkeys. I love them. They’re smart, have spunk and nosy. I have pictures of them peaking into the windows, looking for treats.

      • I’ve never raised turkeys, but our neighbor has four white ones who come to visit us often. They aren’t as friendly as our chickens, but they aren’t afraid of us either. I can get within a foot of them before they move away.

        Our chickens are supposed to be chickens, but I treat them like pets. I talk to them, give treats, pick them up. We have 3 roosters right now. Our big white one. His name is Dots, and he loves cuddles and hugs and knows his name. Our next rooster is his son, Pip. It’s short for Pipsqueak, because that’s what he was when he was little. 😏 The third one is Pip’s son, unfortunately named Felicia by a friend of mine. He was born in late October, and is only going to be with us until winter is over. I may take him to an animal swap and try to find him a home, but if he doesn’t find one, he will go to the freezer because I can only keep so many boys.

        I don’t keep mean roosters. If they don’t let me pick them up and love on them, they don’t stay. If they bite or attack me or my son, they don’t stay.

      • We’ve had our turkeys since they were youngsters, so they know us pretty well. They get, no, expect their treats daily. lol We have three bronze (Gobbles, Giblet and Ethel), and one Blue (named Blue). They make me laugh every day. They each have their own personalities, and can be quite entertaining. In contrast, our chickens, while pets, don’t like being held too much. Not to say they’re mean, they just like their personal space. We have a small group of guinea fowl, who I adore. They’re like our comedians/alarm system. lol

      • See? And our chickens are the ones who love being held and petted, etc, and clamor for treats! Silly things! I’ve actually thought about raising turkeys but been told that they are the ones who won’t want attention/social interaction or won’t be as affectionate as our chickens. But that’s not the experience you’ve had.

        I guess it really just depends on how you raise them and how much interaction you have with them. You talk about your turkeys the same way I do my chickens.

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