January 28, 2017

Have you ever met someone that just rubs you the wrong way? Gives you bad vibes? Makes you want to smack the living shit out of them from the get-go? Yeah, me too. These are assholes. I’ve encountered quite a few of them, and the pimp hand was just quivering to be utilized. Sure, I know it’s normal to have a few of them occasionally entering your life, but the sheer volume of …well…let me explain…
Everybody knows that one person who hates cats/dogs and tries to avoid them at all costs.  And who is it the cats/dogs run to when there’s a whole room full of people?  That person!  That person is me!  I’m an asshole magnet!  If there’s one within fifty feet, they’ll find me. And they don’t just find me. They latch on to me and hang on for dear life. Maybe I don’t so much need a pimp hand, as I do a can of Raid insect killer? Or a giant flyswatter.


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