Expect the Unexpected

January 25, 2017

I belong to a group for D&D on Facebook, and one of the posts talked about players doing unexpected things. Having been a DM, I am very familiar with this. lol This was my comment under the post…

Since I was cheap, I wrote our campaigns. When I wrote games, I thought of everything (or so I thought). I would have every possible situation accounted for (or so I thought), including detailed info on what animals/monsters they would encounter. I’m talking names, personality traits, habits, when they last visited the bathroom etc. I also had descriptions of each of the areas they would be in-traps, treasures, local fauna. You get the idea. Tolkien didn’t have a thing on me. I did this because I wanted smooth gameplay. What? You want to hit that mosquito? I have the stats right here! But they never wanted to hit the mosquito. They wanted to kill off some NPC that was supposed to guide them through the perils of the day. Or go off in a totally random direction that made absolutely no sense to the storyline. Eventually I would wad up the sheets and story and just wing it. I became really, really good at this.


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