Diablo III

January 25, 2017

I’ve been a huge fan of the Diablo game series, with the exception of Diablo 3. My daughter had bought the game when it first came out, and had me make a character on the PS3 version. I hated it. It was too simple, and not full of the character or possibilities of its predecessor. Not to mention that the controls were awkward to me. So I went back to playing Diablo 2 (with the LOD expansion). It is, IMO, the best RPG ever made. If you like RPGs and have never played it, look it up. You’ll thank me later. ANYWAY, for some reason I decided to give Diablo 3 another chance. Only this time I wanted to try it on my pc. There were a LOT of patches added, and I’m still not thrilled that I have to play it online(even while playing single player). BUT with the patches and updates, AND playing on my pc made it an awesome experience. And while I still think they’ve made some things more difficult/confusing than they need to be (blacksmith and special items), it definitely has been a positive playing experience. As a result I have binged played my way into beating it in one day (normal mode) with a new character “Silk”. She’s currently fighting her way through a higher mode, in style.




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