Typical Eye Grabbing Title

January 17, 2017

Start with an opening sentence to grab the reader’s attention. Entice them with the cookies, pies and cakes. Insert gratuitous pictures of said snacks, and desserts. Relay a colorful anecdote, don’t forget to “LOL”. Close with some mother-in-law humor, and tie it in with the opening sentence…

Whooooo doesn’t like some HOT snacks??  Hot snacks such as this mouthwatering, Caramel Apple Pie? (opening sentence- check) AND, I’ve heard an apple a day keeps the weirdos away. I know, it’s supposed to keep doctors away, but you can’t keep them away.  Not even if you were wearing a suit made of government issued insurance cards. (anecdote-check) Let’s see, what’s next?  Oh yeah, mother-in-law humor. I can’t say shit about my mother-in-law, not only was she a sweet lady, but she made the best desserts ever…but, hey, did someone mention HOT snacks?  OH WAIT…I almost forgot to LOL!



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