The Grand Tour Review

January 12, 2017

So, has anyone been keeping up with The Grand Tour on Amazon? For those that don’t know, The Grand Tour is a car show featuring former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. For people with Amazon Prime the series is free, and well worth it in my opinion. Each week they pitch their tent in a new city/country and set off on new adventures. There are a few rough patches to work out, but I would say that 98 percent of it is just brilliant. From building their own environmentally friendly cars, to a life sized game of Battleship with exploding cars, it’s been a pleasure to watch. But by far the thing that keeps me tuning in each week is the chemistry between the hosts. And then there are the cars…sigh…the kind most of us can only dream of (Bugatti Veyron). I love this show. In a world where there is so much tragedy, frustration and stress, these three gentlemen can still bring a smile to my face, and give me something to laugh about. Good work gentlemen. I give The Grand Tour 4 and ½ stars out of 5.


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