Meet Winters

December 28, 2016

After losing Rusty, we didn’t plan on getting a dog for a LONG time. Our vet said he would be keeping an eye out for us, but we assured him we were not ready to start looking yet.  However, we missed having a family dog.  We didn’t want to replace Rusty, we just wanted to have a family pet. So on Christmas Eve we all piled into the car to meet a lady who was giving away puppies.  There was one white puppy, a male.  It was love at first sight. He was infested with fleas, round and hook worms and needed his shots, but all that was fixed with a trip to our vet. Now he’s on his way to recovery and is resting comfortably on his new bed, with his new toys and sporting his new collar, which he’s still getting used to.  He’s a Rottweiler/Pitbull and Lab mix that we call Major Winters (from Band of Brothers). Eight weeks of white fluff, teeth and attitude.



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