December 13, 2016

Today is like every other day…
After roughly five hours sleep I got up and got dressed
I fixed myself a cup of coffee
And I’m now preparing myself for a little holiday grocery shopping
Shopping.  Despite the fact that we’re done with Christmas shopping, I still have to venture out and do some grocery shopping.  This becomes increasingly difficult due to the crowds inside the store, and the traffic outside.  Inside the people block the aisles talking, or take up the whole aisle looking for some obscure item that isn’t there. I’ll never understand this.  I just like to get in and get out (that’s what he said).  Of course, today that might be a little difficult, since it seems we’re out of everything. So I’m mentally preparing myself to dodge, dart and ram, demolition derby style. There will be cursing, hand gestures, intense body language and posturing before all is said and done.  YEAH..now we’re talking!  This is full contact shopping with the Dragon, baby!  Get your shit or get the hell out of the way! Make your selection or you’ll look like road kill, with my cart wheels burned into your face!  Don’t block the aisles or I’ll put a jar of Miracle Whip up…Hmmm…You know, maybe shopping won’t be so bad after all?


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