The Weather

December 12, 2016

I don’t really have anything to talk about, so let’s talk about the weather.  Being a Hoosier living in the South is sometimes a challenge. Especially for someone who loves the Fall/Winter seasons as much as I do.  In the Summer it’s the like surface of the sun, and in the Winter it’s a bit cooler.  I had really high hopes for this season.  The temperature plunged into the 20s at night, and was in the 40s and 5os during the day.  But alas, this week it will hit the 70s in the daytime and the 50s at night. And here I was hoping for a *gasp* white Christmas. BUT, there’s still hope.  We have a few weeks to go and I’m going to be praying my brains out to see snow on Christmas Day.
But as for today, according to Alexa it’s 56 degrees with fog, and today will be cloudy with a high of 70.

Fog over our pond this morning.



  1. It was 1 (one) when I got up today. Not wind chill, real temperature. Not that Celcius crap either.

    Yes, Baby it’s cold outside.

  2. Okay, maybe I don’t want it THAT cold. lol But a nice respectable freezing temperature would be nice. lol

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