A Little Christmas Innuendo

December 10, 2016

Today my daughter said she would help me rehang the icicle lights on the front porch.  Since it had stormed a few times, they were not looking too good.  So I got the ladder out and while she kept it from falling, I perched vicariously on top of it to do the lights. I should have known to take on such a task with my oldest would be a challenge.  When she gets tickled, it’s the equivalent of having Daffy Duck around, with much knee slapping, laughing and telling of jokes.  But it needed doing, and everyone else was busy or gone, SO I went up on the ladder, and the innuendos began.

My hands are too cold to grip it…*giggles*
I can’t get it in…*giggles*
It keeps falling out…*giggles*
I can’t find the hole…*giggles*
Hold it still so I can stick it in…you get the idea

Then, as I was attempting to hang lights around our porch swing, I asked her to hold the swing so I could get to the lights better. Instead of blocking it, she went to the other side and pulled it back, like she was going to swing it as a battering ram. I got a mental picture of me being up on the ladder and her letting loose.  And then I’d be flying-  legs, arms and ass all over the front yard. I got the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. Yeah, not a pretty picture. Despite all of this, I’m happy to say that we finally did finish the lights, and now my tummy hurts from laughing.



  1. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

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