Oops…Did I Do That?

December 6, 2016

So, you know how a few days ago I was really sick? Last night about 2:30am, Mr. Dragon ran for the bathroom. The sounds weren’t pretty, he was sick.  He finally managed to make it back to bed and get a little sleep, restless though it was.When I got up I discovered that my oldest daughter was sick as well.  She was pale as death and looked anxiously toward the bathroom. OMG, what we have here is a stomach virus! Grab the disinfectant! Alarm bells went off. Please God, anything but the stomach flu. I remember one particularly bad case of the stomach flu that I had, back when I lived in Dayton. I was watching television and actually got sick after someone fed a fish to a dolphin.  This is not good. Especially for my youngest daughter, who scurried off to work to avoid being infected. So this leaves me wondering…Since what they have didn’t start with a headache, does this mean I had something else and I’m still susceptible? OR did I have it originally and they didn’t get the headache? To make matters worse, I’m starting to get little stomach pangs.  Nothing major, but, you know! Now I’m walking around all paranoid and washing my hands every five seconds.  Maybe I should just break out my plague doctor mask from Halloween and get it over with?


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