Deck the Halls With a Goat Head….Fa La La La La

November 15, 2016

So today I was attacked by Winston, my not-so pygmy goat.  I was out in the barnyard to feed the chickens, guineas, goats and turkeys a treat of corn on the cob, when all of a sudden Winston decided he was going to rear up on his hind legs and come at me.  After many (unsuccessful)  attempts,  I got him by the horns and put him in the chicken coop.  NO CORN FOR WINSTON!  THAT WAS BAD! He fought me all of the way to the coop. The look of stubborness and sheer defiance that he had was unbelievable. Of course the other animals just looked on like it was an episode of Jerry Springer. And the turkeys!  A couple of hours before they had gotten a private snack of cornbread, as I sang Christmas carols to them!  We had Fa La La La’d our way into a special moment.  Or so I thought! Turkeys that intimidate our poor UPS man on a regular basis, stood there looking at me like “bitch, you’re on your own”.  Ohhhhh,I get it.  I see how it is.  It must be the code of the barnyard.  I tell you what, turkeys,  the next time you want some cornbread or popcorn, you can Fa La La your ass to Winston, and see what treat he gives you!




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