A New Member To The Dragon Family

February 20, 2014

misha closeup 2A New Member To The Dragon Family

The Joys of Pet Ownership
We recently added another four legged family member. At first we were a little apprehensive about how our dog Rusty would take to the little one. We need not have worried. Not only is he cordial to her, but he lets her walk all over him-literally, nibble on his face and legs and tail, and he also lets her drink and eat from his bowls. Something I never thought I would ever see with him. Ever. Her name is Misha and although she looks like a Malinois, she’s actually a mixture of Pit/Blue Heeler on her Dad’s side and Irish Wolfhound/Chow on her Mother’s side. She’s fairly good sized for her age, so much so that our vet thought she was part Great Dane. She obviously gets this from her mother. She’s adorable. And it’s a good thing she’s adorable because nothing in the house or yard is safe from her baby teeth. Blankets, pet beds, attempts at furniture and outside its garden hoses, planters, Halloween props from the shed and landscaping. She’s like a buzz saw with four legs. But she’s our buzz saw and we love her. Besides, we’ve gotten her some chews and that seems to be easing her teething pretty good. Aside from the chewing there is the occasional accident on the floor, but lately she seems to be getting better at going outside. All in all I’d say she’s a keeper. I think Rusty would agree.


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