A Typical Rant

February 15, 2014

Today I had a post all written and ready to go and then I decided to put that one off to give you this one.  Today I’d like to talk about what’s wrong with Facebook.  I know it would be hard to try and fit it all in one post, so for today I’ll stick with one of my major pet peeves.  The Facebook status.
Status posts are being abused AND used as a way to spam our newsfeeds with pointless and self indulgent, woe is me crap that is the  equivalent to emotional masturbation. I hate them.   I friggin’ HATE THEM.  For instance, there are copy/paste statuses that assign a persons qualities to a number and you are supposed to comment with the number you feel is appropriate.  Such as, if you like my eyes post 3.  Or some stupid shit like that.  Then there are the memes for “causes” that tell you share the post if you agree, and the ones that beg for a hug if you care (and we know which ones will reply) etc. etc. freakin’ etc.  Come people, do you not have an original thought in your head?  Are you that needy??  Not to mention that based on the variety of memes some people post, schizophrenia is alive and well on Facebook, or multiple personality disorder.  Take your pick.  So PLEASE for the love of God, quit posting pointless memes, and copy and paste statuses.  Surprise the hell out of everyone and write an original status. – Dragon out.

Mr. Dragon, being the complete smartass that he is posted this on my FB wall after reading this blog entry.
fb meme


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