The Walking Dead

February 10, 2014

Last night’s return of the Walking Dead was pretty spectacular.  Despite having voiced my irritation of it in an earlier post, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode.  It gave us insight into Michonne’s  psyche, and her struggle to remain human in a world filled with horror.  Within the first five minutes Michonne returns to the prison to accomplish a heartbreaking task. After that instinct takes over and she returns to old habits. Meanwhile Rick and Carl have it out in that age old struggle between a dad and a son that is struggling to become a man.  Only in this situation, if the son doesn’t get it right the world will come and bite you in the ass. During a certain scene my daughter and I were jumping up and down in our seats and yelling at the television.  Okay, make that several scenes. And there were also several scenes that had us putting our hands to our mouths in shock. The rest of the cast was absent in this episode, but if scenes for next week’s episode are any indication, it’s going to show more survivors and a lot of craziness.  So I would say that the returning episode was a very solid one.  Good job guys! 


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