My New Hobby

February 9, 2014

Yes, I have a new hobby and it’s called Craig’s List.  Well, reading it anyway. I have never talked out loud to my computer, or had so much fun in my life.  The employment section is especially entertaining.  Where else can you see ads for female models that encourage you to send in pictures that “show off your body”, IF you know what they mean.  And they want you to know they are SERIOUS about this, which is why they cared enough to rush the ad out- misspellings and all.  The best part is that right underneath it is an ad for a photographer.  I didn’t click on it, but ten bucks says that one of the requirements is being able to shoot with one hand.  heh



  1. I read Craigslist from time to time. We are looking for a toy hauler/travel trailer. With all this Desert it would be fun on long weekends.

    • I’m looking for stuff for the house we’re renovating, but other times it’s just fun to read. There are a lot of odd people out there. lol

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