More snow?

February 6, 2014

It hardly EVER snows here in Alabama.  Being originally from the North this can get a little depressing at times.  I was telling everyone who would listen that this year I wanted Alabama to have an Indiana winter.  And although it’s not even close to the winters we had, we DID however get a lot of snow (for here) about a week or so ago.  My grandson had never seen snow before so we had great fun sledding down our hill, making a snow man and snow angels. He was very disappointed when it all melted away. But now the forecast is calling for some more snow tonight.  yay!  It’s not the same or the amount as at home, but I’ll take it.
Here are some pictures from the last snowfall.







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  2. The only snow I have seen this year is up by Wrightwood on the Angeles Crest.

    • Ours didn’t pan out this time. I was kind of looking forward to it again.

    • Ours was a no-show for this one. But there’s talk about tomorrow? 🙂

      • Snigs of Snigs Spot is in Savannah GA for job related stuff. She lives near Augusta GA. Augusta is under a Winter Storm Watch, Savannah is not!
        At present we are at 70F and windy.

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