Secret Television Addictions

February 5, 2014

My husband and I share the same television addiction.  Dance Moms.  We can’t stop watching.  Truthfully, I just love to watch the kids dancing.  I’ve always loved to dance and I am amazed at the talent on the show.  Of course the mom drama and the dreaded Kathy of a certain (fruity) rival dance company are a distraction- okay, they’re like watching a train wreck, you can’t look away.  BUT, by far it’s the dancing that pulls me in.  I think my husband likes to watch the drama.  He laughs at the stuff they say, but he also plays music for a lot of plays so he listens to the music they perform to and critiques or applauds their choices.  I would also like to confirm that his man card is safe due to the following circumstances…
A popular douche company apparently came out with a body wash for women.  During one of the breaks a commercial came out for their new product.  It showed a man in the shower accidentally washing with it and being HORRIFIED when he discovered what he had done.  The rest of the commercial had the man screaming as he crushed beer cans, mowing the lawn with a viking helmet etc.  My husband couldn’t figure out why the commercial was so funny, so I had to explain to him what the product was and why it was for women.  Thereby proving that his man card was safe from being revoked. Rest easy honey, you won’t have to make a viking helmet any time soon.  lol


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