The Smell of Success

January 1, 2014

Everyone knows that vacation food can be rather rough on the digestive system, yet we all seem to forget about it by the time next year rolls around, only remembering when it’s too late.  Unfortunately this situation reared it’s ugly head while we were gone last week, and I was but a silent, tortured and bewildered witness to the event.  Picture this…

Helen is a picturesque, Alpine village nestled in the mountains of Georgia.  My husband and I decided to shop downtown while our daughter stayed behind, having already succumbed to the effects of food on the road.  We pulled into a parking space in the public lot, which still costs two dollars, but is on the honor system.  After parking you are to go to a container and pull out an envelope, put your two dollars in,  write down your car’s information, then tear off another part to put on your windshield.  My husband got out of the car and headed toward the container while I waited, then I heard the car locks click. Why did he lock the car??  Then it hit me.  The smell!  Dear God in heaven the smell!  I quickly reached over to open the door and it wouldn’t open!!  Oh MY GOD…he locked with the key fob so I couldn’t open it!  With watering eyes I frantically clawed at the driver’s side handle.  This, unfortunately, positioned me directly over where the smell was lingering from.  My clawing hands finally found the handle and I pulled it.  This of course not only opened the door, but set off the car alarm. And ohhhh did he laugh.  But that’s okay, I’m a patient person, and there’s always next year.


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