Good News All Around

January 10, 2013

So yesterday I had a checkup with my doctor and still have the all-clear.  He said everything looked good.  Yay!  Next time (I have to go every four months for two years) I have to get the CT scan, I mistakenly thought it was this time.  While I was up in Birmingham my husband and I visited a electronic cigarette store and I got one and enough product to last me for five weeks.  I haven’t smoked since yesterday afternoon and I feel great.  In fact, I haven’t even craved one.  I just occasionally hit the electronic cigarette and keeps me from getting withdrawal.  Woohoo!  I am now an EX smoker.  Even though it’s been only one day I can already feel and hear a difference when I sing.  🙂  EgoC…best electronic cigarette ever.


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  1. Yay!

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