Christmas Letter 2012

December 23, 2012

Another Christmas season is upon us and it’s time for me to compose another Christmas letter.  This year I agonized over what to write about.  The news has been filled with rumors of an impending apocalypse and of the slaughter of innocents in a school shooting.  People have questioned the very existence of God, and how he could have allowed something like this to happen.  The truth is, things like this have been happening for centuries.  God has given us free will and we have repaid Him by making a mess of His creation and His workers have toiled in their own vineyards while the great harvest goes on virtually unattended.  We see trouble and turn our heads, we listen to the cries of the ones who are lost and instead of extending our hands to them, we ridicule them and make their burden that much harder to bear. And the children, the poor children… children have always been a gift from God, a gift that He has given to us to keep safe and raise in a loving and nurturing environment, instead we leave them unattended and the wolves come in and snatch them away from us.  Where is our love?  Where is our mercy?  Where is the justice? We would rather think the world was ending than to deal with the mess we’ve created.  We would like to think that the blood that has been shed because of our apathy and silence is not on our heads, but it is.  We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand any longer.  We cannot sit this one out, or get lost in our own little worlds while the big world around us suffers. Our job, as Christians, is to love others, and help them.  And to let them know that God cares and loves them too.  Show them the way to the light.  Hold them back from the slaughter.  For the lost life is like a carousel.  It starts out slow and then the pace begins to quicken. For some the ride is too hectic and they ruin themselves and those around them attempting to keep up the pace.  Others look around and notice the artificial movement of the horses and think life is one big illusion, and treat life as a game.  Some are scared, and the lights, movement and sound make them shy away.  These get stuck on the inner platform, paralyzed and watching as life passes them by.  Our job is to stop the ride, extend our hands to them and set them on the right path.  Because life is not a carousel, it’s a journey and at the end of it we get to go home.  So this Christmas season practice love, show mercy, listen to His voice and the many nudges He gives you, and above all, let them remember His name is exalted.  Peace be with you!



  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
    As always Positive Waves coming your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Merry Christmas to you too! And thank you for the repost!

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