Why Peter Jackson, Why?? My Hobbit Review

December 16, 2012

Congratulations, you’ve just spoiled The Hobbit.  Through adding needless footage and characters that have no business in the story, you have taken a classic and turned it into a 3 hour snooze fest.  The Lord of the Rings didn’t need to be propped up by adding scenes, Tolkien’s work was perfect as it was.  The only bright spots, in my opinion, were Riddles in the Dark and the Misty Mountain song by the dwarves. Speaking of the dwarves, turning this into a movie about the dwarves, instead of a movie about a hobbit’s journey was a big mistake.  So many scenes could have been cut and made this more watchable.  I give The Hobbit 3 stars out of 5…and three is pushing it.


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