Tragedy in Connecticut

December 15, 2012

Other than to post a few quotes on FB, I stayed away from writing something about the school shooting until I could gather my thoughts.  I can’t imagine the pain and mental anguish the surviving families are going through.  Just a few hours before the tragedy they were probably making preparations for the day; eating breakfast, gathering homework, getting ready for work, thinking about what to make for dinner that night, or the children were perhaps thinking about what presents they had under the Christmas tree. No one expected their lives to be cut short by a delusional man with a gun.  And that is what’s hardest to cope with-they didn’t have a chance.  Not a chance to say goodbye, to make amends, to hug someone tight and tell them they love them. That, as much as the deaths, can really mess people up.  I pray that the families can find peace in the wake of all this.  Peace with themselves and peace in remembering the happy times and smiles of those they lost.  And for those of us that read what happened and were touched by it, do something about it!  Love your family, love your neighbor and lastly, love yourselves.


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