Updates and such

December 8, 2012

So since I haven’t been around much I thought I’d tell everyone what’s been going on.

Shane is finally walking again, he had been scooting around since the accident.  He walks with a limp, but since there’s not structural damage to his foot this is only temporary and I can’t wait to see him walking without pain.  He’s such a strong little guy, despite the fact that we have to clean his foot, and re-wrap it every day he recovers quickly and gets on with his business (playing cars and trains).  It’s still raw looking, and I’m sure to someone who hadn’t seen it in the beginning, it would look horrific.  But to us his foot looks awesome and continues to look better every day.

Our house was finally moved to the farm and put back together.  They just finished putting the roof on and I believe there is electricity to the site now.  I can’t wait to start renovating it.  It’s been quite an ordeal and I’m not sure I would have done it again had I known all the separate steps involved.  BUT I’m glad it’s out there and that one day (soon, God willing) we’ll be living there.

In other news, our Christmas shopping is completely done, thank God.  There’s nothing worse than attempting to shop with a million other people who are not so filled with the holiday spirit.
Hopefully everyone is having a fun-filled, jolly Christmas season so far.  I plan on having one if it kills me. lol



  1. You forgot to mention that your tree has been up for a month. *gives you the side eye*

    Hey Wonder Woman –
    How about getting in your invisible plane and flying to my house? I could use some help. (P.S. I’ll make cocktails!)

  2. Hey…I just set it up when I bought it, it was easier than putting it away and then dragging it back out. LOL
    I wish I could decorate with you. I’m not sure what the tree would look like when we’re finished, but it would be fun.

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