Keys to our Mind/Conversations with God

May 16, 2012

I guess this writing would fall under the category of my “Conversations with God”. Sometime ago I had written about how I have lengthy conversations with God, which usually take place outside, while having my morning coffee. Today I was sitting in my garden, and I began thinking about my recently acquired ability to paint.  In the past, although I could sketch, with painting, I could barely produce a smiley face. Then one day I remembered there were some blank canvases lying around that had belonged to my mother-in-law, and I thought about using them to decorate for Halloween. And then somehow I KNEW I could paint what I wanted.  It just clicked in my mind, and I knew it.  So began my paintings, modest silhouettes of birds and trees to begin with, and by a couple of months later I was painting entire forests.  That clicking in my mind, I realized, was my brain unlocking a door that had apparently been present the whole time–the knowledge of painting.  Then I began thinking that surely we are born with the basic knowledge/potential for anything, and what keys we are handed by our upbringing determine which doors are unlocked.  Our exposure to music, art, math, science, compassion or cruelty, love or hate are all keys that are handed to us as children (very important), and what doors we open or lock/how far we open those doors,  are eventually up to us.  To me, this also explains how people with Multiple Personality Disorder have personalities that are capable of exhibiting very different gifts, and even different medical problems.  Each personality’s brain has locked/unlocked a different set of doors in their mind. I also thought that maybe that’s why some people develop unhealthy habits, fetishes, and addictions.  They’ve associated unlocked doors with others that don’t belong together, like building a block tower that doesn’t have a strong foundation, it doesn’t work. So maybe to break an addiction, or unhealthy habit, you have to first decide which doors have been grouped together and lock/unlock them and put them in their proper place.



  1. Sweet! I hope I unlock an eerie ability to write well…

  2. Hope you are doing well

  3. Hey HB! I’m doing pretty good. I’m getting ready to start my last round of chemo in a few, so I’m really glad about that.
    I hope you and your family are doing well!

  4. Wow!

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