The Weekend at Last

March 31, 2012

The weekend is here and I finally get two days without having to go to my radiation treatments.  I celebrated by sleeping in and watching it storm from the porch.  I still feel a little bad from my treatment yesterday, it’s like having a perpetual icky feeling in my stomach, but I try to remember that I’m enduring this so I can be healthy later.  It’s kind of funny that I’d prefer chemo over radiation, I thought radiation was going to be a breeze.  And other than the feeling in my stomach, I guess it’s okay.  It could be worse, I heard other patients in the waiting room talking about weeping sores and all kinds of stuff that I, thank God, haven’t experienced.  It’s just that with chemo I know exactly what to expect and how many days I will feel that way before things return to normal, before gong to my next appointment.  With radiation I never know how I’m going to feel when I leave, sometimes it’s not so bad and other times it’s much worse.  And the fact that it’s EVERY DAY. BUT, I’m not thinking about that right now, I’m thinking about tonight and tomorrow and not having to go.  One week down, five to go.



  1. It will be over soon!

  2. Also, is it sort of a fluttery sort of feeling in your stomach? I seem to remember that.

  3. Yeah, that’s exactly the feeling I’m talking about! It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s just weird feeling. And it also leaves a strange taste in my mouth.

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