The Walking Dead, Season 2 Finale

March 18, 2012

Where do I start??? I guess I should start with the re-airing of last week’s episode, where Shane’s death was met by a standing ovation in the dragon household. That however was the last time tonight that Rick’s actions would receive a positive outcome. MANY WTF moments in the season finale. The pimp hand made many appearances and I swore like a sailor. Let me explain…

Setting fire to a barn without securing an exit…really Rick? That’s the best you could do?

Lori acting stupid and running around getting pissy about Carl not being in the farmhouse when all hell broke loose…really Lori? Haven’t you noticed that’s Carl’s M.O. by now?? And what the hell was up with her reaction to Rick when he told her he had to kill Shane??

I actually felt sorry for Andrea tonight, how they just left her there after saving another member of their group. Luckily a high profile character from the comics showed up in time to save her from a grisly fate.

Darryl, as usual, was kickass. I loved his no nonsense attitude during the attempted zombie disposal. I also loved how he showed up to save Carol at the last minute.

T-dog actually got to speak this episode. Unfortunately it was only a couple of sentences.

As I mentioned above a main character from the comics made her first appearance, Michonne (sp?). I hope the writers do her justice, if not they’ll have a bunch of ticked off comic fans to contend with.

Lastly, we now know FOR SURE that what Dr. Jenner told Rick was that everyone was infected. If you think about it, it really doesn’t change a thing. They just have to make sure to dispose of the dead properly.

So it’s a wrap until October. Now what am I going to do with my Sunday nights??



  1. The Michonne scene was full of awesome. If they write her like that, we’ll be gold. We’re also supposed to meet the Governor next season. Woot!

    Lori was more annoying than Andrea. Who woulda thunk it?

    And I thought a walker was going to smash Glenn’s window while they were stopped on the side of the road.

  2. I was apprehensive about them adding Michonne at first, but then seeing her fleshed out was awesome. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to her pets.

    Lori just ticked me off so much, AND it didn’t help how Rick explained it to her. Why didn’t he just simply say “Shane tried to kill me so I had to defend myself”?? No wonder Carl makes bad decisions with them as parents.

    My sister thought the same thing about Glenn and them being stopped on the road. She was yelling at him to shut his door. lol

  3. We were told freaked with Glenn stopped too. The kids were yelling “GO” until they finally drove off. Come to think of it, there were a few moments that we were all yelling at the screen like that.

    Awesome finale, minus a few things that we all thought were irritating. Lori is an idiot. That’s been established.

    None of us want to wait until October. Damn it.

  4. I think my wtf moments were Lori’s reaction to Rick killing Shane, and her surprise at not finding Carl in his room and not bothering to help the others fight the zombies. Also, Rick’s speech at the end and him setting the barn on fire while him and Carl were inside.
    My daughter heard us screaming at the tv all the way upstairs. lol

  5. Omg I hate Lori! She tells Rick that he is dangerous and then gets pissed off when Rick kills Shane in an act of self-defence. She scolds Andrea for not doing domestic house work, but can’t even keep her eye on her damn son.

    I found it pretty absurd that the horde of zombies would leave Atlanta just because of the sound of a helicopter. They were EATING food but actually left the food to follow a helicopter?? That doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t they usually follow sounds because it leads to food? Also why would they keep walking in that direction even when there’s a fence blocking their way? By then I’m pretty sure the helicopter has been out of sight!

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