Ohhhhhhhhh sh*t! The Walking Dead 3/11

March 12, 2012

WHAT an episode! It started out with some zombie killing and ended with zombies invading the farm. And good God, we finally got to see Shane get what he deserved…TWICE! But before that, we got to see his cheese slide all of the way off the cracker. Rick had absolutely no choice but to do him in.
I just wonder what Andrea’s reaction is going to be to the news of Shane’s demise? Maybe she’ll leave or be so distraught she gets taken down by the wall of zombies heading for the farm? We can only hope.
Darryl stepped up and became second in charge during this episode. I wondered when this was going to happen. It’s been obvious to just about everyone that he should have been all along. I also cracked up at his sarcastic “I gotta piss” comment, when he saw Shane approaching him and Rick.
Glenn is finally getting his balls and personality back. Hurray for this!
Andrea, as usual, was a complete irrational dumbass.
Lori triggered Shane’s complete dive into insanity (will she ever just shut up and leave things alone??).
Carl was sort of returning to normal.
T-dog had a few lines that I can recall, OH, and he got to carry some boxes.
And after this episode we finally understand what Jenner (doctor from CDC) whispered into Rick’s ear!
This episode was absolute perfection. I loved it!!!



  1. Did I miss something? Was the part where Carl shot Shane some sort of dream sequence?
    and…this may be nitpicking but, Lori is pregnant for going on two full seasons now, isn’t she a tad too skinny?

  2. Nope, that was no dream…or at least it had better not be!! I’ll be severely pissed off if it was.
    Lori is an idiot. And yes, she is way too skinny to be that far along, in my opinion as well. Also, they’re letting her do some pretty heavy lifting for being pregnant.

    • She strikes me as one of those chicks who want to be the center of attention. She might be faking pregnancy.

  3. That could very well be. I can’t imagine having and wanting to raise a baby during all of that.

  4. I must have been tired. What did Jenner whisper into Rick’s ear?

    It was a fantastic episode, and apparently, you can zombify without being bitten now? Airborne? Bodily fluids?

    And yes, I am anxiously hoping Andrea will get hers, but they better leave Maggie alone: she’s the only hot chick left. 🙂

  5. When I talk about Jenner, I’m talking about the doctor at the CDC, and what he whispered into Rick’s ear before they left. I think he told him that ALL who die come back, not just those bitten.

    I think Maggie will be the only one left from Herschel’s family after the zombies attack the farm. I think Carol might be going too, although I’d definitely like to see Andrea bite it.

    • Got it. It makes sense. Everyone is infected, and you damned well better shoot them in the head if/when they die.

  6. Finally got the time to see it last night and WHAT AN EPISODE! Loved it and can’t wait till next week.

    I have to say that I was shocked at the elimination of Shane. Not that I was a huge Shane fan but the tension caused by Shane was such a huge part of the plot. I’m glad to see Darryl take more of a role.

    It was definitely exciting. I’m anxious to learn whether its airborne or bodily fluids, or what. Somehow, I think they are going to leave me hanging until next season.

  7. I think that it’s probably airborne and they’re all infected, but the virus isn’t activated until they die. Of course the ones bitten die faster from infection. Or something like that.
    I thought they were going to save killing off Shane until the last episode of this season, but I guess they counted on that and jumped on it to shock us.
    Darryl stepping into second in command was awesome. I loved what he said to Rick about shooting Dale, something like “No need for you to do all the heavy lifting” paraphrasing of course, I don’t remember his exacts words.
    It seems the writers are getting with the program, this episode was one of my favorites.

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