February 21, 2012

Tomorrow is my last chemo treatment for a while. Thank God! I start radiation in a couple of weeks. This means I’ll be on the second part of my treatment plan. I’ll go every day for 6 weeks and then back to chemo for 3 more treatments and then I’m done. I’m kind of excited about starting radiation because my sister will be coming down to stay with us to drive me to treatment (in another city). We haven’t seen each other for a while, and you know, every time we get together it’s an adventure.
The relative we have staying at our farm has been ill. His kidneys decided to throw in the towel, and then just as we were set to have him start dialysis, they decided to work again. I’ll chalk that one up to prayers and a miracle. Right now I’ve dropped him off for his scheduled visit to the kidney doctor and he’s going to call me when he’s ready to be picked up. Due to my weakened immune system, it’s not a good idea for me to be hanging around in there.
I’ve been very stressed out lately, and fighting feeling depressed. Between me being sick, other people being sick and things breaking (first the coffee maker, then the dishwasher, the popcorn maker, my windshield mysteriously got a crack in it, one of the upstairs showers is leaking and a leak under the kitchen sink) and financial drain, I’ve just about had it. But I’m fighting very hard to stay upbeat.
ANYWAY, so I’m just sitting here sipping on my coffee laced with Glutamine (sp?) and contemplating playing some Diablo II until he calls.



  1. You know what will elevate your spirits? Vodka! Just have them mix it into the chemo. Can’t hurt, right?

  2. LOL…I always teased around and said they need to implement a happy hour.

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