Walking Dead 2/19

February 20, 2012

WOW…I loved it! Although there are a few parts that seemed a bit unrealistic. For one, if someone who was trying to shoot me, ended up impaled on a fence AND zombies were closing in. I’m sorry, but I would have shot him to put him out of his misery and moved on. To me it was beyond ridiculous that they risked their own lives to try and save that guy. Another one was Glenn pushing Maggie away because he loved her??? To me, that was just creating drama where none existed, and a stupid reason for him to shun her. But having said that, I loved this episode and it had some good zombie action in it. A few other observations…
I love the new Dirty Harry Herschel! From protecting Glenn to putting Shane in his place, I’m beginning to like his character more and more.
Shane was a jerk, as usual, although he IS right about a lot of things. And what the heck is up with Laurie?? What with all of the manipulation, maybe she should be paired off with Shane.
Andrea is annoying. Although she did seem to have a genuinely good moment with Maggie, who is also annoying. And poor Glenn is being dummied down/sacrificed to further the other characters. This is sad, Glenn used to be one of my favorite characters.
Speaking of sacrificing characters at the expense of others, what happened to T-dog?? Will he ever get to have more than a few lines? Or are they keeping him around for future zombie food??
Darryl is clearly hurting over the Sophia situation and attempting to push everyone away to keep from being hurt again. It was so sad watching the scene between him and Carol, where he keeps insulting her but she continued to stay there with him.
Dale was his normal, annoying self and Karl is beginning to get weirder and weirder.



  1. I’d have to agree. Glenn use to be one of my favorite characters too. He is smart and always did something that made me laugh. I thought the whole exchange between him and Maggie was a little too “soap opera-ish” for me. But, whatever. Andrea and Dale are annoying as hell.

    I am liking Herschel’s character more and more as time goes. Now that his barn is cleared he has nothing to hide and his personality is emerging. Watching Darryl with Carol was painful, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s something brewing between the two of them.

    I think the problem with Laurie is that she has feelings for Shane she is trying to ignore. Shane is a douche bag but I wonder if that has to do with losing Laurie and Karl.. He obviously loves them and she gave him the impression that she loved him too. I think Shane loves Rick but is bitter. Karl is one weird kid and continues to just get weirder.

    Great Episode!

  2. I still like Dale, but I despise Andrea – especially after last week (2-26). She needs to get bitten.

  3. TPL… I agree with you on Laurie and Shane. I think she’s definitely hiding something regarding her feelings for him. She’s a sneaky wench.

    Wyatt… Uggh…Andrea definitely needs to go. I really don’t see her being for anyone but herself, OR being able to see past anything but herself.

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