Zombie Chronicles meets The Walking Dead (fanfiction)

February 17, 2012

This is what happens when a mother and daughter get together and endlessly discuss zombie apocalypses and their favorite TV show and, “The Diary of Sarah McClure” (my zombie book)….a Fanfiction is birthed. And who knows how long it’ll last, we’re just writing for fun. Written between Dragonlady and Spaulding.


Glenn and Hershel remained frozen in shock at what they had just witnessed. Rick lowered his weapon, his eyes staring hard down at the corpse of the man whose life he had just taken. He turned his head to meet the stares of the others and held their gaze for a moment before reholstering his pistol. He averted his eyes from them and moved towards the bar, his hand reaching for the drink that the dead man had just poured seconds before.

The asian’s mouth remained open as he watched the ex-cop do this, seemingly with no remorse for what he had done. “…You killed them.” Is all the kid could manage to utter out, unable to swallow his shock still.

Rick leaned on the bar and finished off the shot before he looked over at Glenn. “I had to.” He stated simply. Glenn’s eyes wandered onto the corpse of the fat man and pressed his lips together. “If I hadn’t, they would have followed us…Or shot us instead.” Rick added, hoping that this would bring the asian boy to an understanding.

At that time the door to the bar was pushed open, drawing their attention to what had caused it. A petite brunette stood within the frame of the door with a disgruntled expression on her face. Her eyes traveled from Rick and the others, onto the still figures on the ground. “Dammit!” She blurted out, ignoring the guns that had been aimed at her. A gun was held within her own hands and strapped to her back was a katana. The female quickly holstered her weapon and took a few steps towards the obese corpse. “I really wanted to do that one in myself…” Disappointment ringed in her voice as a sigh slipped past her lips. Rick seemed surprised at how confident she appeared for being so young.

A look of confusion spread upon the faces of the others but they realized that she was no threat. They lowered their weapons and just when the Sheriff was about to question her, a voice interupted. “SKYE!” The small girl turned on her heels and faced the open door, and the others followed her gaze.

“In here!” She called back.

Two more females emerged from the outside, the brunette obviously being the girl’s mother. The other woman resembled the mother, but had bright blue eyes instead of brown. Rick rightly guessed that these two women were siblings. When the eyes of the women fell upon the other survivors they froze. When Skye turned to face them completely they looked at her and then noticed the body behind her. The blue eyed woman quickly slammed the door closed behind them. “Where are the others?” She demanded.

Rick quirked a brow at her. “Others?”

Her eyes moved onto the Sheriff. “The friggin’ scavengers and rapists traveled with a group!”

“They tried something on my daughter.” The other woman stated, pointing a finger at the girl they called Skye.

“They were unsuccessful.” Skye added with attitude, folding her arms across her chest. “We weren’t going to let the bastards get away regardless.”

“Skye!” Her mother scolded. Skye rolled her eyes in response.

Glenn looked upon Rick, a sign of relief upon his features as he realized that the Sheriff had made the right call. The men had been no good after all.

“Well they ain’t gonna do much of anything now.” Rick stated.

A sarcastic frown formed upon the blue eyed woman’s face. “It’s so sad…I was looking forward to blowing their balls off.”

The mother waved her hand at her sister’s remark, a little irritated. “Yeah, yeah. We have a decision to make, can we get to that?” She asked, as she lowered her arm back to her side. It was then that Rick noticed the patch upon the sleeve of the long coat she wore.

“You’re a Sergeant?” He questioned curiously.

“I am now.” She responded with sarcasm. “Before all this happened I was just a house wife.”

“Yeah, and sometimes we wish you still were.” Skye teased with a smirk, in which her mother shook her head.

“Before all this I was a delivery boy…” Glenn threw in this remark quietly. His comment caused all theirs heads to turn towards him.

“Well Delivery Boy, my name is Sarah.” The Sergeant woman smiled at him. Her eyes traveled onto Rick as she pointed a thumb over her shoulder. “That woman there is my sister Michelle. She’s a badass.” Sarah held out a hand, “And before you ask…even before all this, she was still a badass.”

“Damn straight.” Michelle said as she moved over to look out the window.

Rick placed his hand upon his chest. “My name’s Rick.” He then motioned towards the old man on the barstool next to him. “This here is Hershel, and that’s Glenn.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Sarah continued to smile and then turned towards her sister and daughter. “But back to what I was saying. We have a decision to make. Eventually the rest of their group is going to come looking for them. Do we hold up here for a while or do we make a break for it?”

Skye unfolded her arms and spoke. “That sun is gonna be setting in a little bit. I don’t think it’s a good idea to travel back on foot in the dark.”

Michelle turned to face them from her spot at the window. “I agree.”

“So we hold up here?” Sarah questioned.

“Or you could go back with us.” Rick offered, ignoring the glare he received from Hershel.

The old man scowled as he looked upon the Sheriff. “You and your people have already done enough on my property. I’m not housing any more.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “So be it. We’ll just go back to our camp later.”

Rick turned to face her. “It isn’t safe to stay out here. Especially if those group of people come by that you were talking about.” He furrowed his brows as he took a step closer. “You guys should come back with us for the night.” He glanced over his shoulder at Hershel as he said this. “It ain’t gonna hurt anything to shelter these guys for one night.” Rick returned his attention to the three women.

“We’re only talking about one night here.” Michelle said, sounding irritable. “We have our own lives and people to go back to. If the tables were turned, we’d take you guys in.”

Skye nodded her head at this statement. “No questions asked. In fact, we scout for survivors.” She held out her hand as she began to count on her fingers. “We grow our own food, we have fresh water, electricity, and our own housing units.” She continued her rant, throwing up her hands. “We’ve got everything we need.” The small girl placed her hands upon her hips. “All we need is one night of shelter.”

Michelle added, “And we also have our own soldiers that stand guard that Sarah’s in charge of.” She said this with a warning, in case they got any funny ideas.

“Then what about those guys?” Glenn questioned with a raised brow as he pointed at the dead men. “If you have soldiers why didn’t they take them out sooner?”

Skye turned her head towards the asian, her brows pulling together slightly. “What’s it matter what happened? We tracked them down, didn’t we?” She said, matter-of-factly. “You just beat us to the punch.”

“And not by much.” Michelle added, thoughtfully.

Rick placed his own hands upon his hips. “So, what’s it gonna be? You guys going to come with us?”

Sarah glanced over her shoulder at her daughter and sister. They nodded at her. She returned her attention to Rick and began digging into her inner-coat pocket. “Alright. Let me just radio back to camp and tell them the plan.” She pulled out a walkie-talkie and held it close to her mouth. “Lance. Lance, are you there?”

“Yeah, where the hell are ya’ll?” A distinct southern accent, in which the three women lacked, called back.

“We’re nearly an hour south from camp. We found three survivors, but there are more at their camp. We’re staying with them for the night until daylight.” Sarah explained.

“And what happened to the dickheads?” Lance inquired, but then chuckled as he added, “Did Michelle blow their balls off?” Michelle smirked upon hearing this.

“No. The other survivors beat us to it.” She replied.

“Do ya’ll need me ta swing by n’ git ya in the mornin’?” Lance asked curiously.

Sarah sighed. “No, don’t waste the gas. We’ll be fine. Just expect us tomorrow. If anything happens, we’ll radio back. Tell Ian I love him.”

“Ya, ya.” Lance said, in a dismissive tone. “Lance out.”



  1. AWESOME!!!

  2. Thank you TPL. We’re almost done with chapter 2, and hopefully go onto chapter 3.

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