The Walking Dead/The Talking Dead

February 13, 2012

WOW, what a great way to start off where the mid season finale left off. I loved it! I loved how Rick stepped up to the plate and FINALLY became the leader that he needs to be. I told John they just needed to shoot those guys, because they would inevitably have to do it anyway, and it was best that they do it before they lost anybody else. I loved it when Darryl went off on Laurie and told her how it was, and gave her a new nickname (Olive Oyl). Laurie, of course, went off like a complete dumbass and got herself into trouble. I guess they only have one brain in that family and she must have loaned to Rick that morning. Did it ever occur to these guys that life could be fairly good for them if they just stopped running off and doing stupid shit???
Shane, was a psychopath, as usual. Dale was irritating, and I was puzzled by Carol’s reaction to Sophia’s funeral. Glenn and Maggie are in love, surprise, surprise, and Hershchel has cashed his reality check.
On the Talking Dead, the guests were Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and one of the producers of The Walking Dead. I spent the whole time alternating between saying “YES!” and laughing my butt off at what Dave Navarro was saying. He was SPOT ON with his observations, which at times made the producer squirm. He addressed things such as the need for more zombies, and them getting their butts off of Herschel’s farm. It was like he was channeling all of us zombie fans that watch the series. The one thing I didn’t agree with him on was his assessment of Darryl’s character, and how he wouldn’t be a good leader because he’s been inconsistent. I don’t think Darry’s been inconsistent, I think he’s just growing into a leader, coming to terms with that. I also think that when Laurie asked for his help, he was mourning the loss of Sophia. It was a setback for him, in terms of development, and of course the stupidity of the situation wasn’t lost on him.
SO, what an eventful evening for zombie fans. I can’t wait until next week.



  1. Loved last night’s episode of the Walking Dead and can’t wait to see the next one.

    Thought of you! Hope you are doing well.


  2. LOL…agghhh…I’ve been tagged! 🙂
    BTW…love the sun flipping the bird.

    • I thought you’d appreciate that 🙂

  3. 🙂 Yes I did. I think I’ll send it to my sister. lol

  4. Shooting the two Philly (heh) dumbasses was the most awesome thing Rick has done in a while. Classic cool.

    When Laurie rolled the car, though, I actually rolled my eyes. Chick is so damned annoying.

  5. We can only hope that she ends up an afternoon snack for some wandering zombies. It will never happen, but we can dream.

  6. BTW Wyatt, I thought about you when I saw the two men from Philly on TWD. It made me think of the asshats you have to deal with on a regular basis. lol

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