A moment of silence please…

February 13, 2012

My dear friend at Thypolar’s Life has bestowed upon me the honor of receiving a blogging award (thank you TPL). Did I get a trophy? NO! What I got was better than that! I get to answer some questions about myself AND I get full use of this nifty signage…

EH??? EHHHH??? (nudge, nudge) I mean, it’s not everyday that you can spread a little sunshine and learn sign language at the same time. And, dear friends, Little Miss Sunshine is telling me that today, I’m #1. 🙂
Now, on to the questions…
Favorite Color:

My favorite color is cobalt blue. It used t be black, but that was back when I was all depressing and into that dark stuff. heh

Favorite Animal:
Hands down, it’s the horse. The most beautiful creature God ever made. But, to be even more specific, my favorite all-time horse is the one that Rutger Hauer rode in Lady Hawke.

My favorite Number:
Isssss…the lucky number 13. While others dread Friday the 13th, I see it as a very lucky day.

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink:
Everyone say it with me…COFFEE! Black, strong coffee.

Facebook or Twitter?
Between the two, definitely Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter account. heh

My Passion:
I love learning. I think I’ve written about this before, about how when I was little I learned what a sage was, and thought, That’s what I want to be! Knowledge is power.

Getting or Giving Presents:
I guess uhhh, that would depend on who the giver and who the receiver was. 🙂

Favorite Pattern:
I like the Ess/Serpentine pattern best. It’s especially effective when crouching.

Favorite Day of the Week:

When I was working, hands down, it was Friday. Now that all of the days are blending together, it doesn’t matter.

Favorite Flower:

My favorite flower of all-time is the Peony. Not only are they beautiful, but they smell soooo goood.



  1. Loved your answers. That shade of blue is beautiful!

  2. Thanks! 🙂
    I think cobalt blue is very serene. Kind of like looking up at the sky at night.

  3. Great! Swiftly meeting up with the requirements of the award! I think you deserve it too.

  4. 🙂 Thank you teeceeecounsel! I guess my tendency for gabbing and being a smart ass has finally paid off. lol

  5. Love the award and your answers. While I liked the horse in Lady Hawke, I prefered the man on the horse 🙂

    • YES, Rutger Hauer was nothing to sneeze at. But if I had to choose between a fling with RH or being able to own the horse, let’s just say that RH would be looking up cheap hotels. lol

  6. Rutger Hauer and Keenan Wynn are my favorite actor’s names. Their first and last names go so well together.

  7. Hey I’ve been flashing the #1 sign at you for years! 🙂

  8. Mrs C., I agree. I love a well thought out name. I wonder if it’s their real names or just stage names?
    Jeri, and I’ve been giving it right back to you. lol

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