Dysfunctional Diary Entry

February 1, 2012

Dear Dysfunctional Diary,
I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy doing some spring cleaning…losing unnecessary body parts, losing weight, a new hairdo and drinking volatile concoctions. And soon, I will have the killer tan I never wanted. NO I didn’t check into club med, I got cancer!
A few thoughts about this…
I feel better! -You know you felt bad before when you feel like dancing after surgery.
I can DANCE!!-Feeling better means I can finally get back into shape. YAY!
I can wear my old clothes!! -And what comes after getting into shape, but getting into your old favorite clothes…eh…eh?
OH SH*T I’m bald! -Well, not exactly bald. It just looks like a really bad comb over-all over. Nothing beats having the wind blow through the 6 or 7 hairs I have left on my head. So refreshing. I told my husband that the hairs that are left are the hold outs, the strong ones. And if he was real quiet he could hear the other ones screaming as they jumped off and committed suicide. The other day when I woke up it looked like someone had set off a fireworks display on my head. (Ohhh, there’s the spider one, and the spray one, and I especially like the ones that pop at the end.) I have never seen hair at quite those angles before. I laughed all through my morning pot of coffee thinking about it.
So I’m signing off for now, dear diary, I hope to write more later, maybe tomorrow during my next round of chemo…cheers!


One comment

  1. My husband has been bald since his early twenties. He had two hairs that criss-cross toward the front of his head. He calls them his “stubborn soldiers”.

    In the meantime, you’ll just have to be one of those gals that’s all about the earrings. It will grow back.

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