Wigging out

January 30, 2012

I’ve got to say that although I was apprehensive about the whole wig thing, I’ve been wearing mine for a couple of days and it’s actually kind of nice. I mean, I can get it ready the night before, and by get it ready I mean I brush it out and just put it up. Also, since I have very little hair to speak of, I don’t have to screw with putting my hair up when I exercise or do my morning stuff, AND my infamous 5 minute showers (I’ve timed myself) are now 3 minute showers, since I don’t have anything to shampoo or condition and no body parts to shave. I have managed to keep my eyelashes and eyebrows because my nurse told me about a cream (Brian Joseph’s) that helps keep them in, so we ordered some and so far, so good.
Today I went to get lab work done so they could see if my platelet, white blood cell and magnesium levels are good enough to get my second dose of chemo. I’m praying they are so I can go ahead and stay on schedule. I don’t want to extend my treatment any more than I have to. But I feel fantastic, no bruises, and the one scratch I had healed fast so I think they’re probably fine.



  1. That’s awesome! I’m happy to hear that you are feeling great. I’ve contemplated going the wig route just to save myself a huge amount of time 🙂 I wish you continued success in your treatment!

  2. You should try at least one, it’s pretty cool to just put it on and all you have to worry about is your makeup.
    And thank you, so far I’m not feeling much like a sick person. I only have to be careful because the chemo weakens your immune system, but I think mine is a germ fighting machine, because so far I’ve had no problems. NOW, if only the chemo would kill my allergies, it would be perfect. lol

  3. So, no bedhead AND you don’t have to shave? Good news for you, bad news for Helga the hot waxer.

    Glad you’re feeling good!

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