January 28, 2012

You’d think that the disaster I’m talking about would be the hair loss, due to chemo, that I’m experiencing at an alarming rate. But no, we’re talking something WAY more serious than that. Today, my BUNN coffeemaker bit the dust. The switch for the burner plate took a dirt nap and I was left standing there, a shocked look on my face, and a pile of hair at my feet. Mr. Dragon came out and did the man thing (flipped the switch back and forth and finally declared it “broken”), but, alas, it remained an ex coffeemaker. So we got our duds on and headed for Lowes, where I purchased another BUNN (I mean, who can beat 3 minutes for a whole pot of coffee??), but this one goes directly into an insulated carafe, no burner to mess with. So complete disaster was averted, and I only had to go a couple of hours without coffee. Whew, that was a close one.



  1. I hoPe those two hours werent to bad.


  2. And a pile of hair at my feet. Oh help me that was BWahahahahSnoRTTT guffaw.

  3. Paul, it was tough, but I pulled through.
    Kim, those sudden shocks get me every time. lol

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